Dynamic Hapkido Defense, L.L.C. is an independently owned and operated company established for the purpose of learning, teaching and promoting self-defense tactics. Dynamic Hapkido’s “dynamic” concepts are based on scientific principles of anatomy and biokinetics as well as psychology and strategy with consideration of legal and moral implications. It is well suited for men, women, and children of all sizes because physical strength and athletic abilities are not essential.

The emphasis is on redirecting the attacker’s force and controlling the attacker with minimal effort on your part. Dynamic Hapkido was founded with the objective of selecting the most realistic, effective, proven techniques, modifying some and then combining and arranging them in a structured system of instruction designed for all individuals of all physical abilities living in a modern society.




Master Bill Cuttler
Master Bill CuttlerOwner/Master Instructor

Master William Cuttler has over 35 years of Martial Arts teaching, training and instructional experience. He began the study of Martial Arts at the age of 4 under the instruction of Grand Master Dave Wheaton in Seymour, Connecticut. A perpetual student of the Martial Arts, Master Cuttler developed the Dynamic Hapkido Defense curriculum to increase the efficiency in streamlining a self -defense education that is built around one’s ability to develop improvisation skills versus muscle memory and repetition. Master Cuttler brings a REAL approach to every class with scenario training and improvised drills. A 8th degree Black Belt in Hapkido, Master Cuttler currently holds 5 black belts of different styles and ranks in 6 other forms of Martial Arts. He has successfully owned and operated schools in Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine. Master Cuttler is a specialist in Close Quarters Combat and delivers instruction at a level of maximum comprehension for any student at various levels. He keeps his students engaged with humor, integrity, sincerity, and companion. He has held several titles for both National and International organizations.

Master Cuttler lives in Gray with his family and super dogs Waylon and Cash, and his step cat Po. A former medic and RN, Master Cuttler is always finding new ways to stay engaged with the community. He can often be found hiking the local trails or spending time on Sebago with family and friends. Master Cuttler is available for private lessons, personal development consultations, seminars, and private group instruction by appointment.

Phil Stanley
Phil StanleyMartial Arts Instructor
Phil began his training at Dynamic Hapkido Defense in 2011 under Master Cuttler as a way to support and engage his nephew’s experience. He quickly developed a comprehension for the skill set and training methods used in the DHD curriculum. This led Phil on his own journey to hone his skills and move through the training program. Phil has exceeded requirement expectations throughout his rank advancements over the years. His pursuit for excellence and attention to detail can be measured in any exposure on the mats. Phil specializes in conflict resolution, improvised weapons techniques and close quarters confrontation dissolution. He is a revered Instructor and coach to the AMA and CMA participants.

Phil lives in Gray with his wife Kristen. He is an active motor sports participant and extreme sports enthusiast. When not in the training center or lost in the woods four wheeling, Phil can be found tinkering away in his fabrication shop across town. Phil is available for private lessons by appointment.

Nick Stanley
Nick StanleyMartial Arts Instructor
Nick began his training at Dynamic Hapkido Defense in 2011 at the age of 6. Although a shy boy, Nick jumped into his training with both feet. Through the additional motivation of watching his father and uncle train alongside him, Nick quickly grew through the ranking system to emerge as the youngest Black Belt in DHDMA. Nick’s Indomitable Spirit and perpetual focus to achieve the goals defined, not only allows him to continuously succeed, but he repeatedly obliterates the challenges that stand in his way. Exhaustion and discomfort seem to bounce off of Nick as he is always the first to get back up to his feet. Nick is a lead instructor in the Children’s Martial Art Programs and finds the same respect from the Adult students looking to investigate the DHD program.

Nick lives in Gray and is a GNG student. His voice resonates across the local lacrosse fields and he is an emerging leader in his community. Nick participates in the family competitions and can often be found leading that pack. Nick is available for private lessons and new student orientation by appointment.

Bryan Taylor
Bryan TaylorMartial Arts Instructor
Bryan began his training at Dynamic Hapkido Defense in 2011 at the age 8. Bryan grew up on the training floor as he progressed through the DHD ranks. One of the youngest students to enter the Adult classes, Bryan pushed back against adults twice his size for years without hesitation. As an assistant instructor, Bryan took on the role of lead instructor for the Ninja and Preskill programs. Now a Black Belt, Bryan brings his experiences into every class he teaches. He serves as a role model to all the young students every time he takes the floor. Bryan specializes in areal kicking, modified takedowns, and advanced submission techniques. He manages and instructs the DHDMA Ninjas program as well as the DHDMA Pre-skills program. With over a dozen graduating classes under him, Bryan is well on his way to mentoring his own generation of black belts.

Bryan is a graduate of Greeley High School and currently attends Skidmore Collage in NY. Bryan is available for private lessons and new student orientations when home on break.


Nick Buckley
Nick BuckleyWrestling Instructor
Nick has been a long time Wrestler at Bonny Eagle High School. He is a member of 2 undefeated State Championship Teams and 1 State Runner up team. Most recently, Nick is the Head Coach of Wolfpack Wrestling and the Windham Middle School Wrestling Team. Nick is a true believer of earning the right to Win.


Jenna graduated from Saint Joseph’s College with a BS in Exercise Science in 2011. She has been teaching fitness classes in the community for many years with speciality certifications in Schwinn Cycling, AFFA G.E.A.R, Barre Above, Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED and Bootcamp to name a few. Her passion is to make fitness fun for everyone! No matter where you are at in your fitness journey you will be sure to find success in her classes. With upbeat music, positive energy and motivation you will leave class feeling empowered and confident!
Doug grew up in Cumberland, Maine and attended the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Graduating in 2010 with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Film, he moved to Boston where he worked in the film industry for two years before making his way back to Maine. His love of spin was fostered a few years later when he embarked on his own fitness journey, ultimately losing 80 lbs – thanks in no small part to spinning! Doug is a Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness where he also teaches group circuit-training classes. He is a resident of Portland and loves movies (from Casablanca to Captain America), playing guitar, and spending time on the water and around the islands of Casco Bay.
Brian has a long history with cycling. Having grown up racing BMX and later mountain bikes, Brian has been an avid road cyclists for over 15 years. Brian loves to compete in triathlons and running events and since becoming an crossfit athlete in 2017, has dabbled in those group competitions as well. Married to a dietitian who is also an avid athlete , Brian follows a plant-based diet to which he attributes his great health and level of fitness. Brian’s style of indoor cycling is based on the Spin methodology and is intended to model a road ride—high-intensity rides with simple movements focused on getting the rider ready to get back on the road as soon as the weather is amenable. Brian and his wife can be seen on their road tandem zipping around Gray/New Gloucester April-October.

Kelcey is an avid cyclist and has many certifications including Mad Dogg Spin, Short Course Triathlon, Fitness Trainer, Resistance Training and Nutrition, as well as extensive experienced in power and heart rate zones. She did triathlon for several years and still rides with the PVC road cycling group and swims regularly. Currently Kelcey is teaching 5 aqua fitness classes a week. Kelcey follows a whole-foods, organic, sugar-free diet as well incorporating resistance training into her routine. She feels it is important to exercise in a way that is fun and consistent with your lifestyle, not a chore to be endured. Small changes can have huge results! She also loves gardening, cooking healthy meals and singing in her church choir.

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