Martial Arts

Dynamic Hapkido is an extremely versatile and comprehensive discipline of self protection that includes an extensive variety of strikes, kicks, joint locks, pressure points, grappling and weapon disarming techniques.

Dynamic Hapkido has several additional components to enhance the system, such as a program of ground fighting, trapping techniques and the use of selected weapons available to us in every day life.  The result is a practical, effective Self Defense System, exciting to learn and offering tangible solutions to real life situations.

Dynamic Hapkido Defense, L.L.C. is an independently owned and operated company established for the purpose of learning, teaching and promoting self defense tactics. Dynamic Hapkido’s “dynamic” concepts are based on scientific principles of anatomy and biokinetics as well as psychology and strategy with consideration of legal and moral implications.  It  is well suited for men, women and children of all sizes because physical strength and athletic abilities are not essential.

The emphasis is on redirecting the attacker’s force and controlling the attacker with minimal effort on your part.   Dynamic Hapkido was founded with the objective of selecting the most realistic, effective, proven techniques, modifying some and then combining and arranging them in a structured system of instruction designed for all individuals of all physical abilities living in a modern society.

Dynamic Hapkido is not only for open minded Martial Arts students who are serious about their technical development and are seeking to evolve to a new level of understanding and ability.  This program is about building a safe community to raise our children in.  We focus on family values and life lessons.  The best thing about Dynamic Hapkido is it’s unbelievable ability to adapt to any student, creating a program for the inexperienced student novice as well as children of all ages.  Dynamic Hapkido is ideal for those individuals (such as many women, busy professionals, law enforcement officers, etc.) whom do not have the time or ability to commit themselves to the demanding study of traditional or sport oriented Martial Art.  At the same time, Dynamic Hapkido is well received by students with years of traditional training and children of any age and gender.  The essence of Dynamic Hapkido is pure Self-Defense.  It is the synthesis of dynamic concepts, scientific principles, realistic applications, legal considerations and plain common sense.